Our in-house team are experienced at filming meetings, live events, interviews with patients and soundbites from opinion leaders. The filmed footage are then edited in-house and used for DVDs, B-Rolls, VNRs etc and / or encoded for use on the internet.

We are also involved in the production of web casts / pod casts from symposiums and meetings and can organise, or simply just help you manage, film, audio and lighting crews on-site.

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About us

Anytime After Nine is a graphic design and new media company with a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

For over 20 years we've been helping pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and charities get across their messages memorably and effectively.

We prefer working in collaboration with our clients as this helps us to understand the brief better and deliver a more rounded solution, producing work that is creative and grounded in strong strategic thinking.

This experience has provided us with the know-how to creatively approach the sensitivities and legalities of the industry and enables us to offer a comprehensive understanding and application of graphic and new media design within the context of healthcare.

Working across all media means we produce seamless, measurable, campaigns that are cost-effective and engaging.

The team at AA9 are committed to delivering projects on time, a factor that is especially relevant in a sector that operates with a detailed approval process and very tight deadlines.

Sourcing and supplying images


Where photography isn't provided by the design agency a number of elements need to be considered when sourcing the correct 'High Resolution' files for print.

  • Ensure the file is a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi) at 100% required size (example: if the image is to appear over the whole cover of an A4 publication the image will need to be a minimum of 210mm x 297mm at 300dpi.
  • Please make sure images for print use are not dragged from the internet or from other electronic formats such as Word/PowerPoint documents. This is because they will be small files sizes and low in resolution (72–150dpi) in order to speed up on-screen viewing. And they will almost definately pixelate at the print stage.
  • Correct files need to be supplied as one of 3 file types (listed in order of preference):
    – TIFF (filename.tif)
    – JPEG (filename.jpg)
    – EPS (filename.eps).
  • Files such as GIF's (filename.gif) are NOT suitable to use for print, this is a low resolution file usually found on websites.
  • As a ‘general rule' if your file size is less than 1.5 MB the chances are it will not be suitable for print.


When supplying logos for use in lithographic or digital printing much of the same rules apply as those outlined in 'Photography' above. However, there are a couple of further points to consider:

  • You will often find the design agency asking for an ‘Original Artwork file'. This will usually be an EPS file (filename. eps) created with a professional drawing package such as Adobe Illustrator. These files are in Vector format and can be scaled up and down to any size without effecting the visual quality. In some cases (perhaps if a photo appears in the logo) the original file will be a TIFF file; if this is the case the same rules as outlined in ‘Photography' above will apply.
  • Please make sure logos for print use are not dragged from the internet or from other electronic formats such as Word/PowerPoint documents. These will be small files sizes and low in resolution (72–150dpi) in order to speed up on-screen viewing. These files will almost definately pixelate at the print stage.
  • Files such as GIF's (filename.gif) are NOT suitable to use for print. GIFs are low resolution files usually found on websites.
  • As a ‘general rule' if your file size is less than 1.5 MB the chances are it will not be suitable for print.



What we do

The team at AA9 are committed to delivering projects on time, a factor that is especially relevant in a sector that operates with a detailed approval process and very tight deadlines.

Our services cover a range of media including:

  • Branding and Identity
  • Literature
  • Online
  • Interactive Media
  • Film

By working across all medias we can integrate your key messages into every aspect of your campaign. It also means that we can produce seamless, measurable, campaigns that are costeffective and engaging.

Strategic advice, if required, can be provided via affiliates and consultants who are all ex-pharma marketeers.

AA9 Supports...

Over the years, we have always supported – and continue to support – various good causes, charities and not-for-profit organisations.

These have included Dravet UK, MAD About Art and The Orchid Cancer Trust.

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Working for AA9

We are always looking for bright designers and developers to join and improve the team here at AA9.

Whether you're a graphic designer, a web designer or programmer, if you'd like to know more about joining AA9, then please forward your CV to

In addition, we always welcome applications for work experience.


The team at AA9 are experienced at providing branding and visual identities for a variety of healthcare campaigns, scientific meetings and product launches.

Our designs give meaning to brands and projects making it easier for stakeholders to understand, appreciate and champion them.

Recent projects include logos and identity for patient associations, hospitals and therapy awareness campaigns.

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For over 20 years our experienced team at AA9 have added value to healthcare communications' programmes and pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.

They are skilled at producing engaging literature that talks to a wide range of audiences, including symposium and abstract books, product monographs, journal supplements, educational toolkits, patient leaflets and newsletters.

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At AA9, we create websites that adhere to branding guidelines so they blend seamlessly with other marketing touch points. They are also designed with search engines in mind so they are coded to standards set by the W3C.

The range of sites we have built means we know how to communicate to a wide range of audiences and stakeholders – to health care professionals via web casting symposiums and e-learning tools; to patients via therapy and community building sites; and to journalists via online press offices.

Our expertise in medical communications enables us to provide assistance that ensures sites meet all legal and regulatory obligations.

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From ad banners to virals, flash animations to 3D graphics, the team at AA9 have the skill and knowledge to produce memorable solutions. With over 15 years' experience we know what works and what is feasible.

Recent projects include Mode of Action animations, animated showreels, interactive case studies, CD-ROM toolkits and viral campaigns.

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The AA9 in-house team regularly film meetings and live events for vox-pops, webcasts and podcasts. We edit the filmed footage in-house and can offer it in a number of formats (DVDs, B-Rolls, etc and/or encoded for use on the internet).

Our extensive knowledge of film and stage production allows us to help clients manage onsite film, audio and lighting crews at conferences.

Recent projects include webcasts, B-Rolls and various patient testimonials and interviews.

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The AA9 team are all extremely passionate about what they do and you will find the team efficient, responsive, friendly and approachable to work with.

Every team member is highly talented, motivated and are quality driven. To find out a bit more about us, please just click on our photos!

Richard Robinson

Richard started the company back in 1994 and is the Creative Director of AA9. He is a well respected figure in the industry and has contributed to journals such as Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Richard is an enthusiastic football fan (Manchester United of course!) and attends as many games as possible. In his spare time, he is also desperately trying to learn Italian.

Lynda Davies

Lynda has a background in administration and has been with AA9 for over 10 years. She is responsible for project management.

Lynda is a keen mountain biker, and is the ex-Women Masters World Downhill Biking Champion, having won the title in 2007 and 2008.

Mark Scholey

Mark has been with AA9 for over 10 years and is an experienced web designer, with experience in web and new media design. Mark has also worked extensively in Flash, producing a variety of animations and mode of actions.

Mark has a keen interest in photography and has completed a Masters in Documentary Photography.

Peter Baldwin

Peter Baldwin has been with AA9 for six years as a web developer. He has a solid understanding of web technologies ranging from development (ColdFusion, HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript) to design (Photoshop, Freehand and Flash). Peter's responsibilities also include Windows Server and Email server administration.

Peter is a keen middle distance runner and enjoys playing the bass guitar.

John Randles

John has over 18 years experience working in the design industry as a Creative Artworker/Designer. During that time he has worked on many varied projects including exhibition displays, packaging and brochures. He has an eye for detail and a passion for typography.

In his spare time John enjoys illustrating, painting, writing, photography and travelling. He also enjoys movies, formula 1 and trying to beat his highest break at snooker.

Dave Bates

Dave is one of our newest additions to the AA9 team and brings over 10 years experience in Web and New Media Design. He is an award-winning Designer who is genuinely passionate about the work he does and the user experiences he helps to create.

Away from work Dave plays cricket for his local team and guitar in an indie rock band. He is a keen Belle Vue Aces speedway fan and loves to cycle whenever he has some free time.

Callum Bennett

Callum has been with AA9 for a year now. He has a degree in Information systems and 4 years experience as a web developer, predominantly working with PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, CodeIgniter and C#.

In his spare time Callum enjoys making brews and keeping fit.

Paul Ellis

Paul has been with AA9 for four years as a graphic designer and is particularly passionate about Dutch graphic design and typography. With over 10 years' experience, he has led the creative development of projects for a wide range of clients including The Department of Health, United Utilities and The Environment Agency.

He is a keen Manchester United fan and plays tennis in the summer. Other interests include Formula One, films and cooking.

Tom Bachofner

Tom has over 12 years design industry experience and since joining AA9 has enjoyed the challenge of pushing creativity within the Healthcare sector. He believes design should be simple, not overcooked and above all, functional. He has a strong understanding of pre-press for print and all relevant DTP programmes.

Outside of his family the things he enjoys most in life are his Mates, Music, Mountain biking and Manchester United.

Andrew Slaughter

Andrew has been with AA9 for five years. He has a degree in business studies with quantitative business analysis and 10 years experience in the web development area, predominantly working with html, css, javascript, php and C#.

Andrew's hobbies include motorcross racing, entering triathlons and his family.


REGISTERED OFFICE: 2 Heap Bridge, Bury, Lancashire BL9 7HR